About Us

At Dataline, our customer’s data security is our top priority.  Dataline Systems, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest information security standard and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Dataline Systems, Inc. is enrolled in Saint Corporation's ASV service® and 1st Secure IT's QSA assessment program to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

The PCI Data Security Standard is specifications developed and used by credit card companies for the purpose of ensuring and enhancing the privacy and security of financial data.  PCI Data Security Standard defines an expanded set of requirements for the protection of credit-card information, including encryption, access control, physical security and operational audits.

Dataline was founded in 1981 in Winter Park, Florida; initially as a specialty check printer and to serve the emerging processing niche industry for "convenience checks" used by consumers to access their credit lines.

Dataline's excellence in providing specialty data processing solutions quickly earned us a high quality reputation among local and regional financial services institutions. Additionally, during the early years there was an explosion of unmet data processing needs in the banking industry brought about by new products and services, expanding credit card functionality as well as system conversions that resulted from acquisitions and mergers.

These demands had outstripped the traditional mainframe processing environment, taxed banking resources and posed significant financial challenges. Banks were desperate to find cost effective technological software and processing solutions.

Again, insightful, resourceful, cost effective expertise was found at Dataline to meet and exceed these needs with customized solutions.


Collin York is President of Dataline Systems, Inc. Collin purchased Dataline in 1986 and dramatically changed the company's goals and outlook. His desire to find and build simple solutions to complex data processing problems is the foundation of Dataline Systems, Inc.

Collin has over 25 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services and an extensive computing background. His career began working on IBM mainframes in the 1970s, moving to micros and minis in the 1980s and 1990s. Collin has been developing financial service solutions since 1983.

Collin helped found the Lake County Soccer League and has given much of his personal time to youth sports and local charity events.

Darren York is Vice President of Dataline Systems, Inc. Darren joined Dataline Systems in 2007 and has held several key positions at industry leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Citrix Systems, Inc. From these key positions he has contributed valuable industry knowledge and technical experience to Dataline Systems, Inc.  

Darren is a proud graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Decision and Information Sciences. He has brought a new generation of influence and ambition to the fundamental principals in which Dataline was founded.